Transforming lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable in our community

Queens Award

  • Spring of Hope

    Providing shelter for homeless women

  • The Allotment

    Growing Together

  • East Bristol Foodbank

    Food Parcels for People in Financial Crisis

  • The Wild Goose

    Feeding the Hungry


Latest News

HELP A HOMELESS PERSON TODAY A homelessness report released in February 2015 revealed that official rough sleeper numbers have continued to rise, with the national 2013-4 total 37% up from the 2010...
10th July 2015
Living in such a developed and comparatively rich country it can be hard to understand why homelessness still exists. The truth is that homelessness is still a reality for many in the UK, but why? ...
4th August 2015
Last Friday we had a visit from 10 young people taking part in the National Citizenship Service (NCS). They had raised £280 through a sponsored sleep out and chose to use this money to put on a free...
4th August 2015
Today we are taking a brief look at the struggles homeless people face with their diet and health as a result of their situation. In the Low Income Diet and Nutrition Survey*, it was suggested that...
20th July 2015
The ups and downs of working with young people and why we need a new LITE table. It’s great that at CCM we give young people on the National Citizen Service scheme (NCS), a chance to volunteer for...
9th July 2015