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Spring Of Hope

Every Woman Deserves a Safe Place

Spring of Hope provides temporary safe and warm accommodation, as well as emotional and practical support to homeless and vulnerable women. Women who seek our help usually suffer from complex issues - such as domestic violence, family breakdown, alcohol and drug addiction, involvement in sex work and mental health problems.

A dedicated team of staff and volunteers manage the shelter, and take time to get to know each client to find out each individual's history and background and offer additional support.

Practical and emotional help are also offered to the ladies in the forms of listening support, counselling, and where to go to resolve issues with abuse, housing, mental health, relationship breakdown and addiction.

Spring of Hope is Bristol's only women's night shelter, where vulnerable women can meet workers who can help them find a longer term solution for their problems, and where they can be signposted to other services.

Run By Women For Women


The shelter is solely run by female staff and volunteers in order to effectively engage with the women who come for help. Due to the abuse that many of the women experience, they are very reluctant to allow male workers to help them.

We currently open five nights every week - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - accommodating up to 12 women.

The night shelter doors open at 10pm on a first come first served basis. Doors are closed at midnight. We are unable to store belongings or reserve beds for individuals.

Individuals can self-refer, but if you are an agency referring someone to the shelter, it is helpful for the team to know. The Spring of Hope Manager is Val Thompson and she can be contacted on or on mobile 07531389711.



We have now been hosting our clients at the new Spring of Hope building since May and all of us, staff, volunteers and clients alike, are appreciating the dedicated space which is now available to us.

We have four permanent bedrooms, which are shared between three clients to each room, and our own living areas, complete with kitchen and laundry facilities.

Beds are still allocated on a first come first served basis every night. We are also currently negotiating with Changing Lives Charity shops and One25, who are seeking to come along side us to support us in the work we are doing and take advantage of the facilities that we have to offer as a result of your generosity.

We are still always grateful for all the finance which is generously donated to Spring of Hope. Our staffing costs are on going and there are always bills to pay. In exchange we are able to provide a greatly increased level of safety and comfort to all those who come through our doors. They particularly enjoy the chandeliers and the flowers which are continually provided by our donors at the Crisis Centre.



Since the shelter opened in October 2011, we have provided over 100 women with a safe bed for the night. In the past year we have seen a marked increase in the number of women seeking our help and a generous donor has donated the use of a building rent free to meet this need.

Currently, the women sleep on mattresses in a single large room in the charity's main office building. The women have to leave the shelter in the morning as the main building is used by the charity's other projects.

However, the new building will mean that the women's night shelter will have sole use of the facility. The building will accommodate up to 12 women in proper beds in shared bedrooms, on a first come first served basis every night. It will also enable the shelter to be able to provide support services in the day, including counselling, listening support and access to other services. This ability to be able to expand our services for vulnerable and homeless women is very exciting and is a much needed development for the homeless community.

But we need £15,000 to enable us to open the new building at the start of 2014. These costs include the provision of furniture and electrical items, a month's salaries for two support workers and the first month's running costs for the building.

Logo Please consider giving as generous of a gift as you can. Your donation will make all the difference to every woman who comes seeking for our help. Your gift will provide a safe environment where vulnerable and homeless women can begin to rebuild their lives. Your gift will provide these women with hope.

Please specify 'Spring of Hope' when donating.

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