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Most of the work in the Coffee Shop is done by our volunteers who are committed Christians from local churches wanting to serve the needs of our customers in a practical way. There are a number of different ways in which people can help.

Coffee Shop Helpers

We are always in need of people to help in the Coffee Shop, both to serve behing the counter and to spend time talking with the customers in the shop.

If you are interested, we provide an initial brief orientation session, and give you some information about us and the work to take away. There is a simple form to fill in, and we ask people to do three sessions in the Coffee Shop before committing themselves to work regularly.


Some people find they can best help us by making food - such as cakes - which they can bring in for us to serve. Obviously, this needs to be co-ordinated, or we will risk wasting food.


We always need people praying for us and the work we do. The pressure can be intense at times, the work is often emotionally draining, and we are engaged in a spiritual battle for the people we seek to help. All the hot meals and encouragement in the world will be no use to our customers unless we win the battle with prayer.

Church Link

Some people are prepared to put in time and effort to promote the work of CCM within their organisation or church. This can involve circulating news and encouraging people to pray for us, manning a CCM stand at a church event, sharing about some aspect of the work at the front of a service, including articles and photographs in the church magazine, and encouraging people to become volunteers and supporters.

Office Work

There is a wide variety of office work which needs to be done, and only a few members of staff to do it. Much of the work we do involves spending time with people, which means the regular and routine office tasks are often neglected by comparison.

We are currently looking for additional help in the following areas, although if you have some other skill or ability and are interested in helping, do get in touch - we may not have thought about asking for help in your area.


There are many other possible ways in which people can get involved. Perhaps...

...and so on. You get the idea!

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