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Volunteering at CCM - Andy's Story

I heard about Crisis Centre Ministries because it was part of my Street Pastors’ Training. Part of the training was alcohol and drug awareness and it was held at Crisis Centre Ministries. I looked at your website and found out more about you. At the training, I was encouraged to sign up as a volunteer and I started the following week! This is where I am happy to be, working with vulnerable people. It is a pleasure to come here to help. I am also a CAP befriender, which means that I help people who are in debt.

I am a duty manager one Thursday evening every month and a normal volunteer the other three Thursday afternoons. Being a duty manager involves making sure that the team know what they are going to be doing, which stations they are going to be on and where I am going to be. I also monitor the outside to make sure clients don’t come in with drugs and alcohol, and also to prevent people from leaving with food or cups. I’m always popping in and out to check that everything is going ok and that there are no problems inside. Sometimes when it gets very crowded in the Goose I do allow clients to take a cup of tea or coffee outside to have a smoke but they stay by the door. I do that because then it frees up tables for people who need to sit and eat.

My team consist of 11 people including me. But I never have less than seven volunteers on any one shift. I’ve been a volunteer for three years, and a duty manager for four months and I really enjoy it.

The Goose plays an important role in giving the opportunity (to those who need it) to at least have one hot meal a day. Clients are also able to meet other people and ask for help from staff and volunteers.

I’ve been very blessed in my life. I have never been unemployed. I’ve had a good wage and living. I own my house. These people have fallen on hard times. It is very easy to lose a job, your income and your house. It can happen to anybody. It’s important to talk about these things. If I can help somebody along the way, I will.

Posted: 13:42 on 06-06-16