Transforming lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable in our community

Queens Award

Client Stories

Read the stories of transformed lives at CCM (some names have been changed):
Ellis' Story 
 "I am very determined to learn from my mistakes. I want to watch my son grow up." Read

Winston's Story
 "My hope for the future is to be settled and drink free." Read

 Vanessa's Story

 "I was homeless for 2 years, I was very miserable. I was suffering from mental health issues and drug problems, and I lost my family." Read

 Glyn's Story 

"I've had three breakdowns in my life. I couldn't cope." Read

  Lynn's Story

  "I don't want to just exist. I want to live". Read

 Michelle's Story

 " By the time he stopped hitting me it was 4am." Read

 Michael's Story

 " I often had to drink to survive and was the victim of racial abuse. I did bad things to make ends meet and was gradually losing the plot...." Read

 Kevin's Story
 " I started off my life in gangs and on the streets, and it took me to jail and to using drugs. " View

Connor's Story
" All my role models were people who had money and were doing crime and selling drugs like cannabis and acid tablets...." Read

Susan's Story
" I had been in an abusive relationship for five years when the violence just got worse......" Read

Jaskaren's Story
" I had no friends or family for support. I heard about the Foodbank through the JobCentre." Read

Harriet's Story
" I had pushed away a lot of opportunities so I agreed to try....." Read

Joanne's Story
" I come from a background of abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, which took me to some terribly dark places I never wanted to go to and very nearly took my life." Read