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Glyn's Story

Glyn first came to CCM to take part in the LITE course several years ago. Here is his story:

My dad used to make homemade wine. At the age of ten or eleven I used to have a little drop. And it steadily got worse over the years. I used to get bullied at school and I was at a special needs boarding school because my family couldn’t handle me. My best mate got killed when he was 15/16 and that shook me up, we used to go everywhere together. Lots of people I have been close with aren’t around anymore. By the time I was in my teens, I would go out with my mates and do anything to get a drink. I sometimes didn’t know when to stop drinking. I’ve had three breakdowns in my life. I couldn’t cope.

I am an alcoholic, I just have a taste for drink. I would drink lager, wine, cider whatever my mood would take me. Sometimes it got so bad that I black out. I don’t know how I got home from where I came from. I’ve been through detox a few times, but it’s never worked out.

Just before I came onto the LITE course, I was going to some groups to give up the drinking, trying to get help. I heard about LITE and I thought I would give it a go. When I first started I found it a bit hard. It was a challenge because it got me among people. Our group was a nice little group. I ain’t looked back since. It’s really helped me. I could never use a computer properly but I can now. I can talk more civil with people than I did before. The course helped me with writing that I never did before. My reading has improved. I read the Bible a lot, every night. And I pray. I believe in God because I know for a fact that He is there for me.

The course made me feel better because I was learning things as I was going along. Sometimes something would happen, and I would come back and talk it over with someone here and I would feel better. And then I started to learn to control my ways. Since then I am totally different to what I was like before. If it weren’t for this place I wouldn’t be where I am now. Everybody is so helpful and so loving. People here come up to me and tell me how proud they are of me. It’s showing that I can change. They’re all ace.

I can’t stay away from this place for too long because I miss it. I’ve been barred a few times. But I’ve learned I can’t carry on the way I was. Last week something happened, a guy was having a go at me, imagine if that was two years ago. I walked away. Esther, Katie and Stuart (CCM staff) told me they were so proud of me for walking away. I was so chuffed. That chap couldn’t help himself that day. This place has done a lot for me. I just feel so happy.

Posted: 10:31 on 18-01-16