Transforming lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable in our community

Michael's Story

When I moved to Brislington I had nothing and went to the Methodist Centre. However, living in Brislington was destructive to me physically and emotionally. I often had to drink to survive and was the victim of racial abuse. I did bad things to make ends meet and was gradually losing the plot.

The Wild Goose has been a major life line for me over the last three years for the physical and emotional help they gave me. I particularly enjoyed time with the evening staff, meeting them and speaking to them when I had nowhere else to go and nowhere to get food from. People like Jonnie, Vanessa and Kevin, as well as others made me feel understood, accepted and encouraged. With the help of the Wet Clinic I was put in touch with the right people to speak to. Listening to the stories of others who attend the Wet Clinic and from my own experience have helped me realise that I want to change.

I feel like the Wild Goose is an oasis in an urban jungle, a place with some good, accepting people which I find comforting. There is always a hot plate of food available if I need it, and those who work in the kitchen are even willing to rustle something up for me if they have run out of food. CCM are not like any other organisation in Bristol, because of the pride they place in having a good level of hygiene and serving good food. But what makes the Wild Goose special isn't simply getting food, but also the opportunity to meet decent people with who I can now call my friends.

Luckily, I was able to move out of Brislington and now live in Montpelier. I have reconnected with my family and receive visits from my son and mum in my new home. Crisis Centre was able to help me move by giving me a van and driver, something which made the whole thing a lot easier. I was raised as a Muslim, but I would like to try and find God. I am looking for the right church so I can go regularly to explore Christianity.