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Michelle's Story

I’d fled domestic violence from my ex. I left and ended up on the streets. A friend told me about the Spring of Hope and decided to go there. It was scary the first time because I don’t feel like I get on with people I don’t know and thought I’d be judged. When I got there it felt like one big family. I was safe and warm and I could get help. I didn’t want to be with men.

I’d been there for 3 months when I started volunteering at the Wild Goose at the Crisis Centre Ministries. It meant I wasn’t hanging around the streets. I made lots of friends – this was nice because my ex wouldn’t let me have any friends.

In February I was still on the streets. There was a man I just wanted to be friends with. He wanted more and wouldn’t take no for an answer- so he hit me. By the time he stopped hitting me it was 4am. I went to the Spring of Hope and they took me to the hospital and I reported him to the police. He was arrested and now it’s going to court. All the ladies are really supportive and are coming to the court case with me. The police said it was a violent attack – I’m still numb down one side of my face and have to eat soft food because my cheek bone’s cracked.

There’s a lot of people on my side now. I’m living in a shared house- that’s with Missing Link and things are looking up – I’m a lot happier! Val’s still my support worker and I know that if I have a problem she’s there for me.

I tell people to always report domestic violence. The police take it seriously now and there is hope at the end of it. I’m on the Freedom Programme now - I’m hoping this will give me confidence to identify the wrong men.

I take one day at a time. I’d like to meet the right person and settle down. I’d like to move away and make a fresh start.

They’re all very kind at the Spring of Hope- we have a laugh and they don’t judge you and they’re really,really helpful ……………….