Transforming lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable in our community

Nathan's Story

We met Nathan when he came to volunteer at the Wild Goose on a school placement earlier this year.

"I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with the clients at the Wild Goose because foolishly I guess I thought that they may not take notice of each other because they were from difficult situations and they are just used to getting by on their own and so would not want to talk to each other and just get on with their meal. However I was so wrong, there was a lovely community feel between the clients and a real sense that they cared for each other because they could relate to one another because of the situations they were all facing.

I also loved working with the team, they were all so welcoming and friendly, and whilst I was expecting that to be the case, it was lovely to work alongside fellow Christians with the same vision of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the community. There was also a real sense that this was a beacon of light in the community showing Gods love in a real practical way and a place of refuge where people could just be themselves.  

I also loved the ethos of CCM too, which Steve spoke to me about when he first showed me round the centre in April. The fact that you are not here to force the gospel upon them which can really put people off, rather you were practically showing the gospel in the actions you did whilst making known that the motivation for this was Christian.

Lastly I loved the fact that the volunteers were able to chat with the clients and play games with them which removed the sense that there was an ‘us and them’ culture, rather there was a sense of ‘we’, that the volunteers and clients were one community."

Posted: 15:28 on 29-09-15