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Volunteering in the Wild Goose - Selina's Story

Selina first came to volunteer at Crisis Centre in February 2015. She had taken early retirement and, with more free time on her hands, was looking for some volunteering opportunities. She and her husband had known of CCM since hearing a talk from one of our project leaders at their church many years ago, and had always been interested in the work.

Selina currently volunteers all day on Mondays in the Wild Goose, and has also been coming to sort out the store room on some Tuesdays. She has been enjoying getting everything in the store rooms sorted and ordered, which is no mean feat! Selina enjoys volunteering at CCM because it feels really useful and worthwhile – there’s no doubt that what she’s doing for people is of immediate value. The other volunteers are really great and fun to be with – everyone is pretty cheerful (nearly all of the time!)

Selina told us “When I first started I was surprised at how busy it is! But that’s what I really like about volunteering here – there’s always something to do and I always feel useful. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to volunteer here. I really love helping in the drop in centre and getting to know people who come regularly/ recognising faces and just being able to help feed them. It’s such a basic thing but something we all need. Very grateful to God that he’s allowing me to do this.”

Posted: 11:02 on 03-02-16