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Staff Highlight - Jean, Wild Goose Drop-In Centre Cook

Jean joined the team in August 2016 and we sat down with her to get to know her a little better…
What were you doing before you joined CCM?
I was running a small business teaching English online. I was also working in a community cafe run by my church in Easton and volunteering with the One25 charity.
What made you apply for the role?
I'm passionate about social justice, and my unease with a society where vulnerable people are marginalised was growing. I've sailed close to the wind myself, so I know how easy it is to fall. I'd been aware of CCM for many years, so when an opportunity to work in the Wild Goose presented itself, I jumped at the chance. The job combines two of my great loves – working with people and being creative with food - and I'm constantly reminded that it's by God's grace I'm this side of the serving counter.
What has been the highlight of the job so far?
There have been so many highlights. It would be easy to grow disheartened by the misery we see, so small triumphs are crucial, like the note from a client thanking us for a night at the Spring of Hope. Then there’s Ellis, who volunteers every Friday. She was the very first client I met at another charity, but she's in such a different place now.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
When I'm not in the Goose I can often be found wandering the streets with a camera. I also write a blog, all about life, liberation and the loss of security blankets.
Posted: 13:18 on 04-04-17