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LIFE Recovery

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The LIFE Course
The LIFE course seeks to help clients who are in recovery to develop resilience through the development of practical life skills. The course aims to increase self-care, improve mental well-being, develop healthy relationships and help clients take steps towards sustainable independent living with meaningful activity.
Apply online or download an application form to register for the course. 
Or, if you're referring someone, complete a risk assessment form online  or download one here.

What we do
The course contains four modules, each one lasting two weeks. The modules run on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 1.30pm - 3.30pm.
  • Module 1: Self Care
    • 'Starting Well' 1st Feb
    • 'Hierarchy of Needs' 5th Feb
    • 'Food and Nutrition' 8th Feb
    • 'Exercise and Relaxation' 12th Feb
    • 'Sleep' 15th Feb
  • Module 2: Mind Matters
    • 'Stress and Anxiety' 19th Feb
    • 'Healthy Thinking' 22nd Feb
    • 'Assertiveness' 26th Feb
    • 'Goal Setting' 1st Mar
  • Module 3: Healthy Relationships
    • 'Safe People' 12th Mar
    • 'Communication' 15th Mar
    • 'Anger and Grief' 19th Mar
    • 'Personality' 22nd Mar
  • Module 4: Life Management
    • 'Time Management' 26th Mar
    • 'Volunteering' 29th Mar
    • 'Budgeting' 2nd Apr
    • 'Forms and Filing' 5th Apr

The course is an abstinence-focused life skills programme aimed at adults (ages 25+) who are in early recovery and have completed a treatment programme. We will accept those who are reducing on a script.

This course is for those who:

  • lack confidence and life skills
  • have been homeless
  • have been in active addiction
  • suffer from mental health problems
  • have a criminal record
  • have been long term under-employed

BUT who want to make life changes and improve their lives.

Essential Information

  • Each module supports a maximum class size of 12 and is offered free of charge.
  • Students can enrol onto any number of modules, or all of them.
  • Students can enrol any time if there are spaces available.
  • Students can self refer although it is preferred that your application is supported by a referral.
  • The next course will run from February to April (2019), and registration is now open.

Applicants: Apply online or download an application form to register for the course.

Referrers: Complete a risk assessment form online  or download one here.

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