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Meet the team: An interview with Andy Kinnersley

Andy Kinnersley – Deputy Manager for Provision, Wild Goose

Andy joined the team back in August 2017, so we thought it was high time we got to know him a little better.

What were you doing before you joined CCM?

I was working as a chef de partie for the Ministry of Defence, and before that for Waitrose and John Lewis. I was very content – I certainly wasn’t looking to move!

What made you apply for the role?

A friend tagged me in the job posting on Facebook, and then a separate person from church said I should go for it too. But I didn’t have the right qualifications. Then I couldn’t make the interview. Then the person I’d put down for a reference got sacked. All the same, Jonnie graciously invited me in for an interview and a trial shift. And after they’d seen me interacting with the clients, they offered me the job. Even if you don’t know where you’re going, God does!

What has been the highlight of the job so far?

Other places I’ve worked have been a bit cold and corporate. But there’s a great team here, with a real serving heart. So there’s that, there’s making a difference in Bristol, and then there’s all the wonderful and eccentric clients.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I’ve got a young daughter, so I spend a lot of time with her and my wife. We (my wife and I) and are setting up a home group at church. Other than that, I enjoy getting out to see a gig or two. They’re showing Raiders of the Lost Ark with full orchestra at Colston Hall, so I’m hoping not to miss that!


Our van helps us get food to the most vulnerable people in our community. Please help us raise £25,000 for a replacement.

As Deputy Manager for Provision, Andy wouldn't be able to do his job without our van. He depends on it to collect the food that the Wild Goose provides to hungry people every day. But it’s on its last legs, and the repair bills are getting higher and higher. That’s why we need your help in replacing it. £25,000 would buy an almost-new vehicle that can serve vulnerable and marginalised people in Bristol for years to come.

Posted: 13:26 on 15-03-18