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The Wild Goose: Meeting Mick

Introducing the new Manager of the Wild Goose drop-in centre.

Mick joined the team in January this year, so we’ve given him the customary Streetwise grilling.

What were you doing before you joined CCM?

For the last 15 years I’ve been working in frontline services. Prior to joining CCM I was working with DHI – Developing Health and Independence. I oversaw the housing part of the service in Somerset for almost five years. I’ve also worked for services in Bristol, including a long time with the Salvation Army as part of a supported housing role with Somerset Drugs and Alcohol Service.

What made you apply for the role?

I really wanted to come back to Bristol and work in the homelessness sector. I was looking and looking, and then this one jumped out at me. I thought, ‘Yes, that’s me.’ 

As I said, I’ve worked with complex, vulnerable people for 15 years. And my faith is a big part of my life, so the job just ticked all of the boxes. Having experienced the Christian ethos at the Salvation Army, I wanted to come back to that.

What has been the highlight of the job so far?

Without doubt, it’s the people. And that’s the staff, the volunteers, the guests – everyone, right across the board. From the moment I came into this role, I’ve been made to feel really welcome. Other people have said it’s like a family – and it is.

Some of the work I’ve done over the years has taken me away from the people that we’re working with and caring for. I was just bogged down with red tape and admin. But within this role, I can get a lot done, and still have a little bit of time where I can just sit in the Wild Goose and interact with people and get to know them. And that, for me, is huge. It means the world to me.

I’ve seen lots of people from my old jobs – which is great, because it tells me that they’re still alive – but also, it makes it easier to build relationships with them and with others. Just last week, I was coming through the door, and I got a warm welcome from one of our guests, who I didn’t really know. And then as I was leaving, someone else said goodbye, and that felt really, really good.

And what do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy days out on a Saturday with my partner – travelling around, having a bit of nice food, going to the National Trust. I used to go to the gym a lot, but I’ve given to old age, as you know! I’ve come to accept it. Spending time with family and friends is most important.

Posted: 11:14 on 07-06-19