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Our new partnership with St. Michael's Stoke Gifford

Crisis Centre Ministries is heavily reliant on churches in Bristol and beyond to promote, volunteer, donate and pray for the work that God has called us to do. We asked one of our partner churches, St. Michael’s Stoke Gifford, why they chose to partner with us.
How and when did St. Michael’s Stoke Gifford get involved with Crisis Centre Ministries?
In 2011 one of our church members, who helped in the Wild Goose café and office, proposed that CCM should become one of our mission partners. This was discussed by the Mission Action Group and was agreed, so St Michael’s Church has been supporting CCM for six years now. Thus in 2016 when Jonathan Lee, the CEO of CCM, asked us to sign a formal partnership agreement, we were already doing many things that were part of the agreement. We have a link person who liaises with CCM, and we advertise the volunteering opportunities, prayer meetings, other events and news. A couple of groups have been on visits to view the work. We list CCM on our missions page on our website at Some church members help at the Wild Goose café. We pray for the work and we donate as a church on a regular basis.
Why does your church think it is important to get involved with this type of work?
Homelessness in Bristol is a big problem and we want to be involved in Christian ministry to help the homeless and marginalised people in the local area. Many people want to help but don’t know how, so it is very useful to channel support through an organisation. For example, we held an event last winter to collect sleeping bags and socks for CCM and lots of items were donated. Also, as government cuts in funding are affecting more and more people, we feel it is increasingly important for Christians to get involved in this type of outreach work.
What benefits does it bring to your church?
We are able to bring awareness of homelessness to our church members. Being in North Bristol, we don’t see many homeless people so it is important that people know that there is a problem in our city. We are also able to encourage our church members to be more involved with the work of CCM and to help channel support for the needs.
What do you think of the work of Crisis Centre Ministries?
We can see that the work has been expanding. When we started our link with CCM six years ago, there were only two projects, the Wild Goose café and the LITE course (as it was known then). The course has developed into a broader support and training project and there are now two more projects, the women’s night shelter and the foodbank. We are pleased to see the increase in collaboration with other agencies to tackle the problems in the local area and also that there is more of an emphasis on tackling the root causes of homelessness, rather than just addressing the immediate needs.
If your church would like to find out more about partnership with CCM, please contact Jonathan Lee on 0117 405 7123 or by email
Posted: 15:32 on 29-08-17